Olivine Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil Review

Olivine Amongst the Waves

The perfume market is filled with “beach” perfumes because people love beaches! The world is filled with diverse coastlines but the perfume market likes to focus on “tropical beaches” using notes of manoï or coconut. And why not? Tropical beaches are paradise! I like “beach” scents but I admit that I get bored with them. I only need one in my collection…or at least that was what I thought until I tried Olivine Amongst the Waves.

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of Estee


Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones – Lily of the Dust Collection

Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones

I’ve been extremely busy this year. Blame the A.D.D.  I’m always getting myself into something, in fact, I’m miserable if I’m not into something. In the winter, I got very interested in importing and exporting. Researching this kept me busy but it also introduced me to new industries. I decided I was finally going to open an online boutique for wayward girls and boys. And I did. Thirteen year old me would be so proud of now me.

A few months ago, I opened… Continue reading | 15 Comments


Ineke Gilded Lily EDP Perfume Review

INeKe Gilded Lily EDP Perfume

Ineke Gilded Lily wears like a still life to me even though it does progress and change with wear. What I mean is that it reminds me of a painting with dense, saturated colors. It’s a dark table draped in rich embroidered velvet. On the table is a gold bowl of ripe fruits, a vase of blooming lilies and a rustic candelabra.

Gilded Lily opens with tart fruits and a sulfuric grapefruit. Underneath this is a hint of chypre – moss and patchouli. The top is… Continue reading | 5 Comments