Beckham Signature for Women EDT Fragrance Review

Beckham Signature for Her

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I’m pretty sure that I was the last person on Earth to learn what a Beckham is. When we moved into our house, the neighbors kept calling us “The Beckhams” . We thought that somebody misunderstood us. It was odd but we kept letting it go on. Finally, one day at a BBQ my husband shared our last names (we do not share the same last name). One neighbor laughed. Noticing our blank expressions, she explained that… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Kelly & Jones #1 Sauvignon Blanc EDP Perfume Review

Kelly & Jones Sauvignon Blanc perfume

Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection is a collection of niche perfume inspired by wine. Like the wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Kelly & Jones #1 Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, light, and fruity.

I’m not a white wine person and I rarely drink Sauvignon Blanc, but on a hot summer day, this crisp and fruity stuff is almost perfect. This is how I see this fragrance. I typically don’t like fruity perfumes, but this perfume hits the spot on a hot day… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus Perfume Review

Sula Sunkissed Citrus perfume

Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus perfume is a feminine fruity citrus fragrance created by Susanne Lang. The name “Sun-kissed Citrus” is very fitting for this fragrance! It is a very “sunny” citrus fragrance.

At first spritz, Sun-Kissed Citrus is a very tart citrus with the zest of grapefruit. This fragrance is feminine with juicy citrus. It smells of grapefruit and lemon zest and tart yuzu juice. This isn’t the tartest citrus fragrance I’ve ever tried. There is something much more “mellow” in this Sula fragrance… Continue reading | 10 Comments


An Apple A Day: An Apple Perfume Guide


Here in Washington we know apples. We know which orchard has the best “genetics” and sometimes I wonder if you can find these varieties elsewhere. Probably not. I’ve seen stuff here that I would of never of seen in Tennessee. Apples have a wonderful crisp aroma. If you know your apples then you know that each variety smells very different. You also know that the “apple” used by the fragrance industry is very fake and could never do the real deal any justice. I wish that they would better… Continue reading

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L’Aromarine Pomme Perfume Oil Review

L'Aromarine Pomme

When I purchased this fragrance oil I was thinking of fall. I thought that an apple scent would be very nice for October. I was expecting something that would remind me of leaves crunching under my Frye boots in the orchards of Washington. This is not a fall fragrance. L’Aromarine Pomme is more like a Jolly Rancher mixed with Johnson’s No More Tears Shampoo. Perfume labs and flavor labs are often married. This smells like what fake apple tastes like. You know the apple used in sour candies and… Continue reading | 4 Comments