A Beautiful Life Composition EDP Perfume Review

A Beautiful Life Composition

It’s back to school time. And even though, I’ve long been out of school and I don’t have children, I was oddly haunted by one of those cliché “Oh, no! You really didn’t earn a diploma so you’re going to have come back for this course” dreams. The dream didn’t end up in Jerri Blank “Strangers with Candy” mode, but it was just me cursing and really pissed about this delay in recognizing such a mix up. What’s up with those stupid dreams? Anyway… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm Review

Epic Blend Lip Balms

Epic Blend is a Canadian based lip balm brand. They kindly scent me a few of their permanent lip balms for me to try. It’s like they new that I had epically dry lips or something…

The line consists of three collections: More Moisture, Vegan and Hemp.

More Moisture contains seven organic moisturizers: shea butter coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, beeswax and non-GMO vitamin E. This formula has some “slip” to it but doesn’t wear off super quickly. The flavors in this collection are… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge EDP Perfume Review

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge is an autumn flanker to Wildbloom. It’s described as a “musky woody floral”. I guess technically it is but I find it fresher and lighter than the “musky woody” and more vibrant that its velour corsage. Wildbloom Rouge may have been launched as an autumn flanker but I find it seasonless.

Wildbloom Rouge is tart, freshly sliced Granny Smith apples mingling with dewy florals. It wears as a clean, almost shampoo-ish apple floral… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Caron Delire de Roses EDP Perfume Review

Caron Delire de Roses

Rose Week 2013

I understand that Caron wants to attract a younger audience. All of these classic perfume houses want to for some reason. I wish they’d realize that today’s young generation doesn’t care about loyalty. Kids today have choices. Why should they stick to the same perfume house for the rest of their lives? If they want to smell like a fruity-floral, let them. Caron, they’ll come around to you when/if they’re ready.

Délire de Roses opens with sour green apples, lychee martini… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Agent Provocateur Maitresse Eau Provocateur EDT Perfume Review

Agent Provocateur Maitresse eau Provocateur

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume:

Even my gay guy friends know what Agent Provocateur is because the brand is just that sexy. Like all good lingerie lines, Agent Provocateur launched perfume. Their original lineup was considered too risque for day wear (I don’t know by whom, but by someone). They decided to launch “day” interpretations of each one. These aren’t “lighter” versions, but are completely new compositions. So, if you love Maîtresse, it doesn’t mean that you’ll love the… Continue reading