Sospiro by Xerjoff Accento EDP Perfume Review

Sospiro Accento

From the makers of Xerjoff,  we have a line of fuzzy purple bottled perfumes called Sospiro. These were originally launched in the Middle East and are now available in other areas of the globe.

Accento is a fruity-floral. It opens with a brightness from “pineapple” but to me it’s more like the peel of a grapefruit. Tart and sweet. It’s a gleaming citrus floral. It has an aquatic-watermelon element too. Something about this aquatic-ness really makes the citrus project. This is one potent fragrance! As it settles… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Sospiro by Xerjoff Duetto EDP Perfume Review

Sospiro Duetto perfume

Sospiro is a niche fragrance line created by the niche fragrance line, Xerjoff. It is the line with the purple “peach fuzz” bottles.

Duetto opens with leathery florals. I get a brand new hand bag and rubbery ylang ylang. There’s a rush of spicy florals. And oud. The oud in this comes across as leathery. I get a little bit of the moss but not enough for my nose to say “chypre” but it’s moss.  The heart is a rich amber rose. The rose is slightly citrusy and the… Continue reading