Not Soap Radio At the Country Club Solid Perfume Review

Not Soap Radio At The Country Club

Not too long ago my husband asked if I wanted to join a country club. The thought amused me. I didn’t realize that people still joined country clubs! I thought they all brunched and had their mimosas at cute little cafés on the water. I thought that everyone did bikrim yoga now. So, my answer to his question was “no”. I’d rather spend my money on perfume and drink my champagne cocktails at home. And I don’t need a country club, I… Continue reading


Not Soap Radio Walking the Red Carpet Solid Perfume Review

Not Soap Radio Walking the Red Carpet

Not Soap Radio has a cute collection of 9 solid “trans-portable” perfumes called “I’m not here, I’m really…” somewhere awesome. The line is affordable and is FAA approved travel-sized. I’m not here, I’m really Walking the Red Carpet is the glamour girl in the collection.

Walking the Red Carpet opens as a lemony rose with tart, fruity currant sharpness. This gives the illusion of a living rose. There’s a bit of green dewiness with that distinct sour currant. The fragrance… Continue reading | 6 Comments


A Happy Medium – A Look at Three Types of Perfume

Today, I am talking fragrance solvents, mediums, bases, types, carries, whatever you want to call it! Organizing my perfume collection, not an easy task, I realized that other than perfume “families” that my preferences for perfume goes through many sudden and drastic spurts in the area of “medium”. I have perfume oils, EDTs and EDPs and way too many solid perfumes. And here I go…analyzing three popular perfume mediums.

Betty Blythe with crystal ball

Alcohol based perfumes– I’d say these are the most popular perfumes even though I… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Alchemy Solid Perfume is a floral amber, a natural fragrance in a luxurious solid base. This was one of, natural perfumery genius, Mandy Aftel’s “early” fragrances formulated from some of the most popular notes she used in custom perfumery. Basically, Alchemy is a “crowd pleaser” perfume. I’m usually a fan of crowd pleasers. Alchemy is an exception because Aftel’s clients aren’t your average consumers. From the decadent notes in Alchemy, I can tell that Aftel’s custom order clients are knowledgeable… Continue reading | 33 Comments

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NEW: Joya & Vane Perfume Lockets

Joya & Vane Perfume Locket Collection

Personal and home fragrance house, Joya, has paired up with design collective, Vane, to make hand-crafted solid perfume housed in charming jewelry. This amulets are to be worn. The heat of your body releases the perfume or you can apply the solid perfume directly to  your pulse points. This collection launched this month features Timepiece, Pin, and Brooch.

Timepiece with Royal Jasmine This antique filigreed styled pocket watch with a long chain houses the solid perfume, Royal Jasmine. Royal Jasmine is… Continue reading | 3 Comments