EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Autumn 2014

It’s October and it’s time to put together my perfume picks for Autumn 2014. I’ve put together my recommendations for fragrances that should get you through the many activities of my favorite season.

fall fragrances

Harvest Scents

These are the scents that remind me of fall harvest as well as those that pair well with a pleasant, sunny autumn Sunday outdoors.

Byredo Pulp EDP – Pulp is a fruity fragrance that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s like overripe fruits, on the verge of being rotten… Continue reading | 21 Comments


Shelley Kyle Annabelle EDP Perfume Review

Shelley Kyle Annabelle

I really don’t get why the Shelley Kyle line isn’t more popular than it is. The line does sheer and “pretty” so well. Those that like Annick Goutal, Tocca or Jo Malone London perfumes, should really try this line.

Annabelle opens with a “bright” peach and grapefruit with a hint of cucumber. Like many of the other Shelley Kyle perfumes that I’ve tried, Annabelle is sheer and delicate. The heart wears as a soapy and fresh with sweet but tangy fruits and honeyed florals. The dry-down is… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Aether Arts Nude Moderne Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts Nude Moderne

Aether Arts Nude Moderne is a skin-scent musk. It’s rather simple but composing a simple musk is harder than it appears. I would compare Nude Moderne to those “no makeup makeup” looks. They look effortless and bare but in reality it takes at least 8-10 products to achieve such effortlessness! It takes a lot to perfect such a musk.

Nude Moderne is a soft musk. Like I’ve already said, it’s a skin scent. There’s little transition with the fragrance. The opening displays some brightness, almost… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Indult Reve en Cuir EDP Perfume Review

Indult Reve en Cuir

Indult Paris Rêve en Cuir, as the name would imply, is a perfume inspired by leather. But, for a leather scent, it’s not so leather-y. It’s like a “dusting powder leather”.

Reve en Cuir opens with dried herbs, dried lemon peel and spices. There’s a prominent clove, too much for my liking as I feel it anesthetizes my senses. I’ve smelled this sort of spicy-oregano mix before but in amber scents. I don’t know if the top fades rather quickly or if my senses are… Continue reading


Malle Iris Poudre EDP Perfume Review

Malle Iris Poudre

Purple Flowers Week 2014*

I’ve always liked Francis Malle Iris Poudre because I love aldehydes. When I have talked to other perfume people about this perfume, I’m ausually surprised by their reaction. In my mind this is a pretty, soft and approachable aldehydic floral. Other people were comparing Iris Poudre to aloof, snobby blondes or uptight gray-haired church ladies in pillbox hats. It occurred to me that Iris Poudre must smell similar to something else, one or two other classic perfumes, that I have no experience… Continue reading | 8 Comments