Smell Bent Remix St. Tropez Dispenser Apres Soleil EDT Perfume Review

Smell Bent has gone all DJ and launched remixes of some of the brand’s “classics”. St. Tropez Dispenser Apres Soleil is a summer beach scent.

The St. Tropex Remix opens as a sticky, sweet honey with coconut oil. The honey is animalic as hell. And there’s a hint of retro jasmine tanning oil. It’s a very sweet, beachy scent with a hint of salty ozone. And it’s funky. I mean, there’s honey, leather and musk. This is meant to smell a little raunchy.

1975 Vogue

Notes listed include


Smell Bent Remix Incensed Short Fuse EDT Perfume Review

Smell Bent Incensed Short Fuse EDT

Smell Bent has taken a few of their “old” perfumes and remixed them. These have “some of their classic elements, these are new songs with a beat of their own“. Incensed Short Fuse is one to try if you love dry incense perfumes.

Incense Short Fuse opens as a dry, spicy green cardamom pod with peppery woods and hints of citrus. It’s spicy but not too hot. Oh, the cardamom is wonderful in this! Incensed Short Fuse has a softness too it… Continue┬áreading | 2 Comments