Smell Bent Otter Luvr Perfume Oil Review

Smell Bent Otter Luvr perfume oil

I admit that I love otters. Who doesn’t? Why haven’t they been domesticated to be my little pets yet? Why? Anyways, Smell Bent Otter LUVr is a fragrance in the limited edition collection, North by Northwest, that is inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

FYI – Otters are real. My guests from the Southeast come out and think that they are only little things that live at aquariums. On the island, you will see dead little ones by the road. They… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Smell Bent Totem Eclipse Perfume Review

Smell Bent Totem Eclipse Perfume

Totem Eclipse (of the heart) is a fragrance in the limited edition North by Northwest Collection by Smell Bent. This collection is inspired by the wonderful and wild Pacific Northwest.

I hope you like cedar! Because Totem Eclipse opens as straight up lumberyard cedar. It’s planks and planks of astringent red cedar. And it wears as Lowes Home Improvement for a long time. It’s a mix of cedar planks and slightly damp beauty bark. After, seriously, like 2 hours, I get this fresh forest evergreen… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Smell Bent SheWolf Perfume Oil Review

Smell Bent SheWolf

Happy Halloween!

SheWolf is a limited edition perfume in Smell Bent’s North by Northwest Collection. This is the fall 2011 collection inspired by the ruggedness and awesomeness of the Pacific Northwest. It seems appropriate to post a review based on a female werewolf on Halloween. But, there’s nothing to be scared of with SheWolf unless you are terrified of patchouli.

SheWolf opens as with a sweet vanilla musk. It’s like a “heftier” and “thicker” Coty Vanilla Musk. SheWolf is so sweet that… Continue reading


Smell Bent Mountain High Perfume Review

Smell Bent Mountain High perfume oil

This autumn, Smell Bent, has launched a limited edition perfume collection inspired by the wild and wonderful Pacific Northwest. This collection is called North by Northwest and contains 5 fragrances. Living in Western Washington, yeah, I’m interested in this collection. I love all the smells of the area from Douglas firs to mushrooms that smell like apricots to fish markets. I love it here. It’s one of the best places in the world to get in better touch with your sense… Continue reading | 5 Comments