Best Perfumes of 2010 – A Blogging Event

2010. This was a good year for me in the beauty and fragrance world. I feel that I’ve really expanded. This year I’ve diversified my range, trying more brands. I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful lines that I haven’t tried before: Smell Bent, Pirouette Essentials, OLO Portland, Strange Invisible, Aftelier, Vero Profumo just to name a few. 2010 was a year of growth for me. I’ve exposed myself to new launches and old favorites. I have also made lots of new perfume pals. This has been my favorite fragrance… Continue┬áreading | 17 Comments


Smell Bent Never Never Land EDT Fragrance Review

Smell Bent Never Never Land EDT Review

Smell Bent Never Never Land is a fragrance featured in the Leisure Cruise Collection, a collection that takes our sniffers around the world. Never Never Land is inspired by the vast Australian Outback. It’s a resiny, balsamic woodsy unisex fragrance heavy on amber.

Never Never Land is a dry, incense-like scent with rich resins. I like it. I get lots of amber from Never Never Land. It isn’t that “creamy” amber often sniffed in women’s fragrances. It’s “crumbly” like an actual block of amber resin… Continue┬áreading | 8 Comments