Shelley Kyle McClendon EDP Fragrance Review

Shelley Kyle McClendon

Shelley Kyle is one of those brands that I like for their over-the-top feminine florals. I mean, they even sell these frou-frou powder puffs and body powders that really invoke Old Hollywood glamour. Most of the Shelley Kyle fragrances lean traditionally feminine, except for this one. McClendon is a refreshing unisex citrus fragrance named after her son.

McClendon opens with a really sharp citrus. Really sharp citrus notes is that they remind me of dish washing detergent. I realize that this… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Shelley Kyle Annabelle EDP Perfume Review

Shelley Kyle Annabelle

I really don’t get why the Shelley Kyle line isn’t more popular than it is. The line does sheer and “pretty” so well. Those that like Annick Goutal, Tocca or Jo Malone London perfumes, should really try this line.

Annabelle opens with a “bright” peach and grapefruit with a hint of cucumber. Like many of the other Shelley Kyle perfumes that I’ve tried, Annabelle is sheer and delicate. The heart wears as a soapy and fresh with sweet but tangy fruits and honeyed florals. The dry-down is… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere EDP Perfume Review

Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to review Shelley Kyle De Ma Mère. When I first sampled the line, I immediately fell for this one. I love a spring-like honeyed floral.

De Ma Mère is a gorgeous honeyed floral. It’s a cool, dewy mimosa with lime zest. The linden in this is sweet and honeyed, reminding me of linden tea. De Ma Mère is a sweet yet tart floral. It wears rather linear but I like… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Shelley Kyle Sorella EDP Perfume Review

Shelley Kyle Sorella

I always say that your fragrance tastes don’t necessarily change with time, but they expand. My blog will turn six years old in month. I have so many posts documenting my perfume likes and dislikes. And it’s safe to say that my perfume tastes have expanded, especially over the past two years. I’ve found myself less drawn to “moody” amber scents and more drawn to florals than ever. I’m wearing more and more perfumes like Shelley Kyle Sorella, a dewy feminine floral.

Sorella smells like a flower market. It has… Continue reading | 3 Comments