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EauMG’s 2014 July Empties

July 2014 Empties

Can you believe it’s already August? They say when you get older that time flies…this is true. These months are starting to feel so blurry.

I didn’t empty as many products in July as I did in June. That’s because I didn’t have so many half empty products around. I started on my “new old stock” which I have more of than I thought. I’m such a cosmetics hoarder.

I’m still in a no-buy until September. I’m… Continue reading | 17 Comments

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LUSH Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream Review

LUSH Prince

I bought this LUSH shaving cream because I wanted to be as smooth as Prince. I’m lying. Only partially lying. I  bought it because I couldn’t resist the thought of “triple orange blossom”.

The formula: It contains fair trade cocoa butter to moisturize. It contains rosewater, almond oil and witch hazel to “leave your pores feeling clean and free of shaving debris”. You”re supposed to apply this and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before shaving. Shave and rinse razor frequently. Full list of ingredients… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Weekly Cheap Secret: Suave Conditioner as a Shaving Lotion

Suave Coconut Conditioner

Weekly Cheap Secret:

When I first got Frink the Frug, I was unhappy with all of the dog shampoos that I tried. He still had a not so adorable puppy odor and got flaky. Desperate and tired of buying $10+ pup shampoo, I bought a bottle of Suave Naturals Conditioner in Tropical Coconut. My plan was to use this on his coat as a conditioner, my own testing on animals. Guess what? Frink didn’t stink so much but he still got flaky. I didn’t use… Continue reading | 5 Comments