Rebel Intuitive EDP Natural Perfume Reviews

Sharon Tate

Rebel Intuitive is a new indie line of natural perfumes based in Vermont. It’s a line inspired by vintage, bohemian glamour and botanical ingredients.

The line currently consists of three perfumes: Grace at 67th, Ninon and Winter Lewd. Here are my impressions:


Rebel Intuitive Grace at 67th


Notes listed include tarragon, sweet basil, clary sage, neroli, violet leaf, narcissus, rose, costus, ambrette, myrrh and labdanum.

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Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 3.30.15

Sharon Tate Easter

The Lipstick League – Week of 3.30.15


Question of the Week: What’s the last beauty product that really “wowed” you?

EauMG’s Answer: That’s a really good question. With perfume, I really fell for Chanel Misia. With skincare, I tend to fall for anything Paula’s Choice. With makeup I need to think some more. I think most recently I was really impressed with 3 Concept Eyes, a Korean makeup line. I love

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EauMG’s Most Worn Perfumes Summer 2012

Usually I get sad about summer ending. This summer, I’m opening my arms to autumn. This summer has kept me very busy and by my illogical logic, autumn will make things slow down. It will, right?

Sharon Tate

Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve managed to wear perfume. Here’s the perfumes that I wore the most of this summer:

12 – Moschino I Love Love – This is one that  I forget that I like. It’s a warm citrus woodsy fragrance. It’s very nice and you can… Continue reading | 7 Comments