Mancera Black Prestigium EDP Perfume Review

Mancera Black Prestigium

Until recently, I’ve never tried a Mancera perfume. I just thought they were rehashed Montale. They’re not. I’ve been really pleased with the few that I’ve tried so far. They actually smell *expensive* but don’t have a crazy price tag (for niche).

Black Prestigium is an iris leather with lots of patchouli. So, that means I love it. It opens with radiant aldehydes (think like Chanel No. 5).  This is quickly followed by an iris-rose. This gives the impression of a proper “lady” perfume, even a… Continue reading


Chanel Coco EDT Perfume Review

Chanel Coco

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Bored with courtly love I ask, “Why do you wear Coco?”

My tutor, a woman 18 years older than me, keeps speaking in French. I’ve finally found someone more serious and incapable of having fun than myself. I’m at my limit. No more Arthurian romance. No more French. She continues. I run my fingers across the now blurry words in Érec et Énide and close the book shut.

This time in French, “Pourquoi portez-vous Coco?” I know that fragrance… Continue reading | 28 Comments