Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J EDP Perfume Review

Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J EDP Review

The 4th “lady” in the edgy Juliette Has A Gun family is Calamity J., a slightly masculine but feminine amber fragrance inspired by American Wild West badass, Calamity Jane.  Calamity J. is the “masculine” fragrance from the luxury perfume house. Oh, I love Calamity J. This is a powdery, woods perfume that is rough around the edges but completely glamorous.

I fell in love with Calamity J. at first spritz. I got rich patchouli and buttery ambergris.  Calamity… Continue reading | 23 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood EDP Perfume Review

Before we get bombarded and tired of oud scents thanks to all the launches from Dior, Caron, and yes, even Comptoir Sud Pacifique, everybody is doing it. Even B&BW played with oud towards the end of last year. I’ve promised myself that I’d start posting reviews of some of my favorite ouds before you guys “tire” of them.

I like woodsy, smoky, and “dark” fragrances. I love all of the notes listed in this fragrance. So, it makes sense that I would like Tom Ford Private Blends Oud Wood. Oud… Continue reading | 20 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Vanillary EDP Review

LUSH Vanillary Perfume Review

LUSH Vanillary is a sweet vanilla floral with a rich tonka bean base. I really did not expect to like Vanillary. The name doesn’t sound too exciting and how many more vanilla fragrances do I need? Isn’t one good vanilla enough? I also sniffed it in the stores years ago and it didn’t have much impact on me (probably because I couldn’t smell it in the toxic LUSH environment). And at that time I was in one of my stages where anything sweet or vanilla… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Costume National Scent EDP Perfume Review

Costume National Scent EDP

CoSTUME NATIONAL Scent is a fragrance that is so familiar to me but I don’t know what the “familiar” is. This drives me nuts, but as soon as I’m able to get over guessing what Scent reminds me of, I’m able to like the fragrance.

The fragrance is a bit of “everything” at first. I get lots of sweet amber and crisp cedar. These notes are some of my favorites but Costume National does them differently. It wears sweaty and skanky on me. It smells like if… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Lulu Beauty Starlet Perfume Oil Review

Lulu Beauty Starlet Perfume

Luly Beauty is a perfume line that fits right in with the “vibe” here at EauMG, “captures the high tone glamour of the 1930s with gorgeously feminine fragrances worthy of a silver screen starlet”. This Seattle based indie perfume line features 5 perfumes, all of them heavy on va-va-voom white florals such as gardenia and jasmine. Each fragrance comes in a small, travel-friendly roller-ball bottle.

Starlet is a va-va-voom white floral. It’s simply gardenia, a soliflore. A pretty, slightly “spicy” gardenia. I wore… Continue reading | 20 Comments