Update March 2015 – I’m Moving!

vintage moving

I thought I’d keep you guys posted regarding some personal things going on in my life right now. I mentioned in my February 2015 Favorites that we’re moving this month.

My spouse accepted a job in Hoboken, New Jersey and we’re moving to the NYC area this month. In true Casa d’EauMG fashion, we did this rather impulsively and quickly. I found out last Friday and we’re moving in a week. We don’t have a place to live yet. I don’t have… Continue reading | 33 Comments


EauMG’s November 2014 Favorites

Paramount Seattle
The ceiling of the Paramount in Seattle. I went to a Penn & Teller show.

November felt like one of those freakishly long (and not in a good way) months. I spent three out of the four weeks sick (and I’m sick again with some straight-from-hell cold). So, I spent most of the month looking crusty and unable to smell things. I think if someone tallied up how many hours I slept during November, I’d be depressed. Because, it seemed like I spent half the month… Continue reading | 6 Comments


M.Micallef Nasreen EDP Perfume Review

M. Micallef Nasreen perfume

Those of us in Seattle are really fortunate to have a little perfume shop located on 1st Avenue in the lobby of the Alexis Hotel owned by a true perfume lover that’s been in business for almost 30 years. You’ll often find the owner, Nasreen Rehmat, in the shop doing what she does best – pairing people with their “perfect” perfumes. For example, I was in there one day when an attractive woman in her 50’s (best guess) walked in, casually looking at perfumes. Nasreen starting… Continue reading


EauMG’s Favorites – July 2014

I can’t believe it’s already August. I don’t know what happened in July, but it’s over. I spent it sweating and learning new stuff.

Frink the frug

Overall, the month was uneventful. Frink the Frug had a mast tumor removed from his face (around the eye, you can see him squinting in the pic) a few weeks ago. But, he’s doing fine now and has resumed to his regularly scheduled frugly activities such as barking at UPS trucks and shedding on every square inch of the house… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Sweet Anthem Walden and Cooper Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem has launched two new masculines in their summer The Great Northern Collection, Walden and Cooper.

Sweet Anthem Walden

Walden contains notes of petit grain, white pepper, vintage florals, ambergris and oakmoss.

Walden opens with tart citrus, fruits and florals. It’s a bitter, green floral with peachy aldehydes. Now green florals can go in a few directions like a dewy “spring” floral or “cool”, Walden doesn’t go in this direction. It has depth and underneath there is some “darkness” from earthy mosses.

This is such a… Continue reading | 4 Comments