Providence Perfume Co. Provanilla EDP Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Provanilla

In a world where there is an abundance of vanilla perfumes, it’s a shame that there’s a shortage of good ones. Providence Perfume Co. is a rarity. It’s one of the good ones. And not just one of the good ones, but one of the exceptional ones. It’s everything that I want in a vanilla and then some.

Provanilla is an aquatic vanilla. It opens with a realistic blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melons with a fresh ocean breeze. Even if you don’t like the thought… Continue reading | 3 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – July & August 2013

July – Sickness, seances and seaweed. July sucked so hard that my neighbor thought I was dead and there was a wellness check. This is all you need to know about July.

August 1stDowntown – It’s a dreary reminder of late fall: cool winds, rustling leaves and micro-mist coating 3/4 sleeves. It even smells like autumn. Persian was planned. I go home and chop up mint and parsley but I’d rather be smelling the aroma of a spiced pumpkin pie.

August 2ndDowntown – Low gray skies contrast full, green trees. Cool winds and chilly… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Heeley Sel Marin EDP Perfume Review

HEELEY Sel Marin

As I mentioned in my Perfume Picks for Summer 2013 video, I was slow to warm up to Heeley Sel Marin. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but I didn’t exactly “get” it when I tried it in 2008. It read to me as some nice citrus-cucumber thing made for summer holidays. Keep in mind, I’m from a landlocked state. One of the many reasons I moved was to smell saltwater. Now I never see myself ever living in a landlocked area again…and not just… Continue reading | 18 Comments


Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch

Naturals Week – April 22-29th

Green Witch by Roxana Illuminated Perfume is a green chypre inspired by the sea. The scent is inspired by the book, The Greenwitch by Susan Cooper.

The perfume is green, very green. The liquid even has a slight greenness. Green Witch opens with bitter galbanum and a bright bergamot. It’s a sharp green scent. There’s a hint of rose, a damp rose. The scent smells wild, untamed. It reminds me of vines… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu EDP Perfume Review

Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu EDT is a clean, aquatic marine fragrance. It is described as a “light, clean, and breezy” fragrance. It is. I usually hate clean, aquatic fragrances. However, for this fume genre Aqua Motu is tolerable for an ocean-fresh-seabreeze genre, but I don’t go out of my way to wear it and I’d never buy it. It was launched in the early 90’s when all of the aquatic fragrances for men AND women were the rage. I already lived through that and I’m… Continue reading | 4 Comments