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Scentsy Layers Shower Cream & Body Lotion in Love Story Review

Scentsy Layers

Home fragrance brand, Scentsy has expanded their line to include personal fragrances called Layers. I’ve smelled home fragrances before in the past and wished that I could get them as a personal fragrance. Scentsy has done that with select fragrances. I think it’s great for the brand and their consultants to enter the personal fragrance market.

I was able to sample 3 products in the scent Love Story.

The Scent – Love Story: This is one of those sweet gourmands with pink jasmine, amber and… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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Scentsy Announces ScenTrend 2012 + Reviews

Fragrance brand, Scentsy, announced their ScenTrend™ for 2012. Drum roll, please… It’s pink pepper! Perfume lovers have been aware of this zesty note for years now and it’s gaining even more popularity. (rejoice or sigh) I’ve read in a few different places that pink pepper is predicted to be a popular fragrance note in 2012. It’s like cupcakes, you’ll be seeing pink pepper around for a long time.

Scentsy Pink Pepper

I know pink pepper has its haters since it was overused in numerous mainstream “pink” fragrances, but… Continue reading | 17 Comments