ScentStory 24 Gold Elixir & 24 Platinum Elixir EDP Perfume Reviews

Scentstory 24 Elixirs

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

The best “cheapie” pleasant surprise that I’ve ever had with perfume has been with the ScentStory 24 series. I was amazed by the surprisingly luxurious amber, Gold. Platinum, a sugary rose, was equally delightful. They’re long-wearing and smell great while be available for under $50! That’s practically “free” in Perfumeworld.

ScentStory has recently expanded the line to include Elixirs. These are highly concentrated perfumes using more expensive ingredients. I know that may sound cliché as many brands claim this. However, these Elixirs still retail for a relatively… Continue reading | 5 Comments


ScentStory 24 Platinum EDT Perfume Review

ScentStory 24 Platinum

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

A few months ago, I reviewed a “Mainstream Monday” fragrance that truly knocked my socks off, ScentStory 24 Gold. That scent, an amber oud, smelled so expensive but had this itty bitty price tag. That perfume reminded my why I bother with the “Mainstream Monday” feature on EauMG! Since I had such a pleasant surprise from that hidden gem, I decided to try another in the line, 24 Platinum.

24 Platinum opens as a cool, metallic… Continue reading | 10 Comments


ScentStory 24 Gold Perfume EDT Review

24 Gold

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

If you read EauMG regularly, you’re probably familiar with my “Mainstream Monday” feature. This is where I break away from the indies and niche in hopes of finding something truly remarkable in the designer, chain store or celebrity category. Let me tell you 99% of the time, I’m testing some really unremarkable blends. But, I keep doing this in hopes of finding some sleeper hit, a hidden jewel or a cheap thrill. I think… Continue reading | 28 Comments