Sarah Horowitz Perfect Coconut Milk EDP & Perfume Oil Review

Sarah Horowitz Coconut Milk perfume review

The Beach Eaus – A month of beach and ocean inspired perfumes.

The month isn’t over yet so you better believe I’m still going to talk about coconut perfumes. Beach perfumes don’t have to smell like coconuts and coconut perfumes don’t have to smell like the beach. But, let’s be real, when most of us see the word “coconut” in a perfume’s name or in its note list, we are expecting something that smells beach-y.

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Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar EDP Perfume Review

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar

I think I first started getting interested in niche or  should I say, “cult classic” perfumes around the year 2000. It started with Demeter and then I started to hear things about California brands like Child perfume, Kai and Sarah Horowitz Perfumes. Almost 15 years later, now look at me.

I do think of Perfect Nectar as one of those perfumes that now define indie Californian perfumes of a certain era. It’s a fruity, ozonic fragrance that is all surf and sand –… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla Perfume Oil Review

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla

Is Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla the perfect vanilla?

Perfect Vanilla opens with an orange creamsicle. It’s a juicy orange and vanilla cream. It wears linear like this. Eventually you’ll pick up a rather prominent Egyptian musk that adds a white floral muskiness. And then I’m left with this musk/floral that reminds me very much of The Body Shop White Musk. AND then it turns into this sweet balsamic raw vanilla with a hint of blonde tobacco. I didn’t expect this.

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3 NEW Sarah Horowitz Artisan Collection Perfumes

Sarah Horowitz fragrances

Three new Sarah Horowitz perfumes are now available.

Wings & Roots: These scents were created by Sarah Horowitz  inspired by a poem her father used to recite to her as a child.

Wings EDP – This is described as a lush, tropical floral with notes of yuzu, pear, pikake, night-blooming jasmine, oud, oakmoss, orris, and Madagascar vanilla. This fragrance sounds very voluptuous and feminine. It retails for $60 for 1 ounce.

Roots EDP – This is described as a smoky woodsy unisex fragrance with notes… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Sarah Horowitz Joy Comes From Within Emotion Perfume Review

This is a rich and comforting fragrance that reminds me of Santa’s cookies and winter baking. It is a sweet, gourmand fragrance but I still like it. It is a blend of nutmeg, almond, orange blossom, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk. At first it is a spicy floral. You can smell the light, playful aroma of orange blossom mixed with spicy nutmeg. The orange blossom is a flirt and doesn’t hang around very long but you can tell it’s there even when it is “gone”. You soon smell the rich nuttiness… Continue reading