Malle Iris Poudre EDP Perfume Review

Malle Iris Poudre

Purple Flowers Week 2014*

I’ve always liked Francis Malle Iris Poudre because I love aldehydes. When I have talked to other perfume people about this perfume, I’m ausually surprised by their reaction. In my mind this is a pretty, soft and approachable aldehydic floral. Other people were comparing Iris Poudre to aloof, snobby blondes or uptight gray-haired church ladies in pillbox hats. It occurred to me that Iris Poudre must smell similar to something else, one or two other classic perfumes, that I have no experience… Continue┬áreading | 8 Comments

gift guide

EauMG’s Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

Sally Rand

Well, Valentine’s Day is next week. It’s not a holiday that I celebrate but I’m all about treats.And roses. And chocolate. I may not care about Valentine’s Day but I’m all about treating yourself. And these items are perfect for that. Hey, it’s winter, we all need a boost!

Valentine's Lip Products

For Irresistible Lips

1. Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment – This is a luxurious lip serum with an awesome gold-plated applicator. I… Continue┬áreading | 5 Comments