Alchemologie Juke Natural Perfume Review

Alchemologie Juke

Alchemologie Juke is a natural perfume inspired by Mississippi Delta jooks/juke joints. With copy including “bayou” and “magnolia flowers” with a note list prominently featuring white florals, I couldn’t wait to open my sample of Juke.

Juke opens as a heady, humid white floral. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish it could last forever, but it can’t. It’s almost like linden and frangipani. It becomes more indolic. Juke starts to remind me of unlit sticks of Nag Champa incense. There’s a honeyed tobacco in the heart that keeps Juke… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Ramon Bejar Jasmine Maat EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Jasmine Maat

All that rose talk last week left me feeling like I was neglecting the King of Flowers, jasmine. I’ve been pulling out jasmine perfumes to sample all this week¹. I’ve satisfied my current jasmine craving with this soliflore, Ramón Béjar Jasmine Maat.

Jasmine Maat is a big ‘ole jasmine. It opens with sunshine and hay paired with a realistic, slightly honeyed jasmine. This brand‘s strength is offering fairly “simple” perfumes that emphasize the sophistication of high-quality notes. Jasmine Maat is no… Continue reading | 12 Comments


aroma M Camellia Natural Perfume Oil Review

aroma M Camellia perfume

It all started with aroma M Camellia Hair Oil and Face Oil. We perfume folks are gluttons. A luxurious hair and complexion oil wasn’t enough for us. We then demanded a matching bath and body oil. But, why stop there? We then demanded to have a perfume in this lovely scent. And now we have it. Not only are we gluttons but we’re a rather demanding group and sometimes this works in our favor.

Camellia opens an intoxicating white floral which… Continue reading | 3 Comments