Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil Review

Juara Candlenut Perfume

I’m familiar with the Juara line because of their skincare and body products. It’s a high-quality line inspired by Indonesia. Their face cleansers and body butter are addictive. One of the things that you’ll notice about the line, if you try their products, is their fragrance (well, and how soft your skin is). I’m sure that the Juara Candlenut perfume was made because people loved how the Candlenut Body Crème smells.

Candlenut is a fresh green tropical floral with warm coconut. The… Continue reading


DSH Perfumes Vanille Botanique EDP Natural Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Vanille Botanique

DSH Perfumes Vanille Botanique is the most decadent vanilla themed perfume that has ever touched my skin. It’s so rich and luxurious that I almost feel guilty wearing it because it’s one of the most self-indulgent, lavish perfumes ever created. And that’s why I love it.

Vanille Botanique smells so good the opening is a rich vanilla complimented by old-fashioned mosses and a hint of retro florals. But, trust me, this is all about the vanilla. The vanilla in this is sweet, balsamic, rich… Continue reading | 14 Comments