Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Mellifera EDP Natural Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Mellifera

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Mellifera is one of those perfumes that smells like sunshine and green meadows. It has a joyful energy that radiates.

The opening of Mellifera is invigorating with what smells like lemon peel and iced seltzer water. It’s a cool, green citrus with effervescence. The heart is heady with a cooling ylang-ylang and powdery, pollen-y mimosa. Mellifera smells “yellow” with its huge yellow bouquet and lemon zest. The perfume is inspired by bees and that becomes even more apparent as the perfume becomes a… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Fleurish EDP Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfume


Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Fleurish is a natural perfume dedicated to night-blooming white flowers. Why go looking for inspiration when nature gives us something as lovely as jasmine?

Fleurish (isn’t that name great?) opens as a collision of white florals. It’s like a minty jasmine, banana-y ylang and juicy jackfruit. It’s a heady tropical floral that really does flourish on the skin. It starts to wear like pineapples and indolic jasmine with a hint of green. With wear, the full-bodied jasmine fades into a… Continue reading | 9 Comments


EauMG’s Fall 2014 Fragrance Wants

I’ve decided to write down which perfumes I would like for autumn and here they are:

fall wants 2014

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Fig. 1 Noir – It’s a dark, deep patchouli. A patchouli for hardcore patchouli addicts. A patchouli that intimidates all the other patchoulis. Full review.

Cartier La Panthère – I admit that I want this for the bottle. It also helps that I like how it smells. The only reason that I haven’t purchased it yet is that I’m holding out for the parfum…but I may… Continue reading | 17 Comments


Roxana Illuminated Perfume Impromptu Natural Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Impromptu is an all-natural rustic, smoky, animalic fragrance. The brand sent me samples of all three of the concentrations which gave me an opportunity not only to review Impromptu, but to do a comparison of the perfume in different mediums.


It’s balsamic and green like crushed green leaves underfoot. It’s crisp and dewy, cool with a hint of citrus from lemon balm. To my surprise, Impromptu gets smoky, reminiscent of burning leaves. The dry-down is sweetly balsamic and resinous… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Chiaroscuro Natural Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Chiaroscuro

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Chiaroscuro is a perfume based on contrasts. It’s an interpretation of olfactory “tonal” contrasts like that seen in visual art.

Note that this perfume is available in solid or liquid form. I have a photo of the solid perfume featured but I’m reviewing the liquid.

Chiaroscuro opens with a shocking amount of indoles. I put it on and the dogs start sniffing. It really caught their attention. The indoles become more subdued. There is a lemon verbena with fresh ginger now… Continue reading | 4 Comments