Vanity Planet Clay Mask Reviews

Vanity Planet Clay Masks

What a weird fall! It’s been so hot and humid. It has really caused my skin to go crazy. And crazy in a way that I’m absolutely not used to. Like I’m oily?! And I’m getting these weird little whiteheads. Like, my skin just feels dirty and grimy.

Usually my skin needs moisture. This means I stick to gel masks/packs or sheet masks. I typically find clay masks to be too drying for my skin. With this odd transitional weather, my skin may need clay… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Rebel + Mercury Bouquet Natural Perfume Review

Rebel + Mercury Bouquet


Rebel + Mercury Bouquet is a perfume inspired by flowers, but it reminds me of chestnut honey. It’s a bitter and tannic spicy floral with smoke and leather.

Bouquet opens with lemon varnish and hay. There’s a hint of dried apricots and fresh leaves. The heart introduces some smoke with the florals. Bouquet dries down to a bitter immortelle. Because of the “greenness” in the base, I’m reminded of chestnut honey.


Diptyque Tam Dao EDT Perfume Review

Diptyque Tam Dao

When people ask me about sandalwood perfumes, the first one that I recommend is Tam Dao. Is it the best? Depends on who you ask. But, I do feel it’s a great example of sandalwood and it’s one I recommend to novice and expert sniffers.

Tam Dao opens as dry and woody. The cedar in this is a little dirty verging on body odor. There is an acrid dryness of evergreens. I admit that the opening is odd and off putting to some. The… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood EDP Perfume Review

Before we get bombarded and tired of oud scents thanks to all the launches from Dior, Caron, and yes, even Comptoir Sud Pacifique, everybody is doing it. Even B&BW played with oud towards the end of last year. I’ve promised myself that I’d start posting reviews of some of my favorite ouds before you guys “tire” of them.

I like woodsy, smoky, and “dark” fragrances. I love all of the notes listed in this fragrance. So, it makes sense that I would like Tom Ford Private Blends Oud Wood. Oud… Continue reading | 20 Comments


OLO Portland Violet/Leather Perfume Review

Olo Portland Violet/Leather Perfume Oil Review

A couple weeks ago, I visited Knows Perfume in West Seattle. It was awesome, but I’ll save my post for them another day… I was familiar with all of the luxury and niche lines carried there…so I thought. On a shelf, glimmering back at me, I saw plain and simple bottles of oil labeled “ORO Portland”. Hmmm…never heard of this one before. Actually, I thought that Portland General Store changed their label to something more Deco. Nope. After asking… Continue reading | 19 Comments