Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS Sultry (Rose) EDP Perfume Review

Eric Buterbaugh Sultry Rose

Seven Days of Eric Buterbaugh*

Eric Buterbaugh is a well-known floral designer based in Los Angeles. Last year, he launched a line of perfumes, Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS, inspired by the medium he knows best – flowers. The Noses work with Firmenich, creating many of my most-worn perfumes from designer to niche. I’m dedicating a week to reviewing this line because like Eric Buterbaugh, I too love florals. 

When it comes to soliflores, roses are my favorite. I’m a rose person. And apparently red roses… Continue reading


Mojo Magique Pixie Rose EDT Perfume Review

Mojo Magique Pixie Rose

I’ve reviewed a few Mojo Magique perfumes in the past. Frankly, I was drawn to the line because they are based in Louisiana. Writing a perfume blog since 2008, I’ll say this, I rarely ever get to review brands based in the South. The majority of niche perfumes come from Europe or NYC. There are indies, mostly spread down both coasts. Brands from The South and Gulf Coast always stand out to me because I rarely come across them. Last year, Mojo Magique added… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Etre au Parfum Rose EDP Perfume Reviews

Etre au Parfum Trio

Rose Week 2016

Être au Parfum is a trio of rose perfumes launched in 2015 that are meant to be worn alone or layered. Each perfume displays a different faucet of rose soliflores.

Here’s my quick take on each one:


“The Citrus Rose”

Une opens as lemonade. It gets greener and more herbal with wear reminding me of geranium and lemon balm. The heart is a a bright citrus-y rose. Because of all of the lemon mixing… Continue reading | 8 Comments


EauMG’s Favorite Rose Perfumes – 2016 Edition

Turkan Soray

Rose Week 2016

After almost eight years of perfume blogging, I figured now is the time to share my favorite rose perfumes. If you read EauMG, you probably picked up on the fact that I love roses. I love rose skincare, bath/body products and of course, rose soliflores. My personal perfume collection is dominated by roses.

I love roses because a rose has many pesonas. A rose, to me, is the Cindy Sherman of perfume notes. A rose can be green/fresh, velvety, powdery, dark… Continue reading | 41 Comments


Aerin Lauder Rose de Grasse EDP Perfume Review

Aerin Lauder Rose de Grasse

Rose Week 2016

Last week, I mentioned (or rambled) on Twitter that I don’t understand the AERIN line. This came after the news of Estee Lauder launching a “Millennials” brand, Estée Edit that will be exclusive to Sephora. This new brand will be targeted to the 18-34 year old demographic according to WWD. I understand why Lauder is doing this. They want a younger audience but I don’t know how it will go for them. I feel… Continue reading | 15 Comments