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EauMG’s Valentine’s 2013 Gift Guide

Deborah Walley

Oh, Valentine’s Day! Love it or hate it, it’s next week. I’m a big fan of being pampered daily ūüėČ so I don’t get the point of Valentine’s. But I admit that I’m OK with any holiday that involves chocolate.

Here’s my 2013 Valentine’s Gift Guide of pampering, smell-good items:

Valentine lip products

For Irresistable Lips

1.Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Cocoa – I love this stuff and… Continue¬†reading | 19 Comments


Rancé Joséphine EDP Perfume Review

Rance Josephine EDP Ranc√© Jos√©phine perfume is a feminine powdery fruity-floral. It’s one of those “romantic” fragrances that tries to come across as soft and delicate while still being loud enough to try to attract a man across the room. Jos√©phine does its best to give the illusion of¬†femininity and softness while being a little loud and a bit busy.

Immediately I get “green” rose with Jos√©phine. This rose is, grounded by a powdery orris and has a bit of a Guerlain violet thing going on. This rose… Continue¬†reading | 2 Comments

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EauMG’s 2011 Valentine’s Gift Guide…for yourself.

EauMG's 2011 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love it or hate it, but Valentine’s is right around the corner. I have mixed feelings about this holiday. I feel that it only¬†exists¬†because no other holiday is happening in¬†February. I really don’t understand if it is a real holiday or not. Is it just a festival? But, there’s something in me that likes Valentine’s. I can’t resist a day that celebrates love with champagne, chocolate, flowers, and lace. That being said, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s because I buy myself champagne… Continue¬†reading | 18 Comments

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Aromatique The Smell of Gardenia Home Fragrance Oil Review

I can’t escape the truth that I am a Southern gal. This is only evident for my love of king cakes, mustard greens, and the smell of gardenias. I know that many people out there find gardenias too old-fashioned, too formal, and just too heavy. I love gardenia scents. I love those that come across humid and tropical, those that are sweet and romantic, and even those heavy, old-fashioned blends that remind me of a prim and prudish Southern woman.

Aromatique The Smell of Gardenia isn’t the highest quality gardenia… Continue¬†reading | 2 Comments