Montale Dark Purple EDP Perfume Review

Montale Dark Purple

Sometimes I get a craving for plums…

Montale Dark Purple opens with rose and red berries. And it’s distinctly Montale. I would swear it has oud in it but I realize that Montale uses rose in everything that now my brain thinks of rose-woods as oud because of this brand. So, yeah, Dark Purple opens as a fruity Montale-ish rose-rose geranium-oud. It’s very loud, metallic and chemical-y. I don’t mean this is as a necessarily bad thing. This has become Montale’s signature. With time the scent gets sweeter reminding me… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Guerlain Shalimar Ode a la Vanille Sur la Route de Madagascar EDP Perfume Review

Guerlain Shalimar Ode la Vanille 2012

Guerlain Salimar Ode a la Vanille Sur la Route de Madagascar is the longest perfume name on the planet. For the sake of this post, I shall call Shalimar Vanille Madagascar because abbreviating it to GSOalVSlRdM drives me crazy and it looks like a cat just sat on the keyboard.

Shalimar Vanille Madagascar is a limited edition version of Shalimar that resembles 2010’s Ode a la Vanille. I do notice some differences. Are the differences great enough to warrant searching for this 2012 limited… Continue reading | 11 Comments


EauMG Talks Longevity.

Rita Hayworth perfume

When I review perfumes, I comment on the perfume’s longevity. I don’t have a formal way of measuring this. But, I have expectations of how long a pure parfum/extrait, an EDP, an EDT, a cologne and a solid perfume should last on my skin.* The industry doesn’t really have a “set” standard for longevity either. So I ask you, how long should a perfume last on your skin?

Here’s my thoughts and like I said, there is no industry standard or science behind my reasoning… Continue reading | 16 Comments

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Announcing the DSH Pandora Winner!

And the lucky winner is….



Congratulations! I’m  jealous that you won the 3 ml of the lovely Pandora by DSH 🙂 Please email me your address and we’ll get it out to you ASAP. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days, I’ll use to choose somebody else. Thank you everyone for entering and thank you DSH for supplying the perfume for this fragrance freebie!

Rita Hayworth

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More Bold Lips: Get The Look of Rita Hayworth on Photoplay

Here’s another Rita Hayworth look that I love. It’s a clean, fresh, glowing look that is all about the lips. There was a reason why this woman was once voted to have the best lips in the world by the Artists League of America. I feel it’s the kind of look that will work with all complexions/hair/eye colors if they are going for a vintage look.

FACE: I say go for a glowing, satin complexion. Even out skin with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in your shade. Apply concealer… Continue reading