MIKMOI Vesper EDP Perfume Review


Mikmoi is a San Francisco based indie perfume line that I stumbled upon in May. And I’m rather happy I’ve stumbled upon this line. Vesper is a lillet inspired perfume. I’m sure it’s inspired by the cocktail and James Bond (lillet cocktails had very little to do with Orthodox prayers…). Out of the line, I found Vesper to be the most challenging but I guess that is why I’ve bonded with it (pun may or may not be intended).

Vesper opens as a sharp scent with latex… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Aftelier Oud Luban Parfum Extrait Review

Aftelier Oud Luban parfum

Aftelier Oud Luban Parfum Extrait is an oil-based version of the limited edition solid perfume that was available in the 2011 holiday season. This is a perfume of “highs and lows” meaning that it lacks middle notes.

Oud Luban opens with the juiciest blood orange and terpenious resins. Oud Luban is interesting. Up close it smells of the world’s juiciest orange mixed with orange marmalade, from a distance I get an amazing melange of real ouds and resins. It reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s precisionist… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Olympic Orchids Arizona EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids Arizona

Olympic Orchids is a Seattle-based perfume house with a rather extensive selection. The “Scents of Place” are a destination collection and we can all figure where Arizona is supposed to transport us.

Arizona opens with fresh pine needles and spicy anise seeds. Dry sagebrush. Black licorice. Arizona dries down to gummy resins. It’s a dry evergreen forest scent and I’m sure if you have a connection to this ecosystem, that you’ll like the familiarity of this fragrance.

Notes listed include ponderosa pine, juniper, sagebrush, chapparal,


Eau d’Italie Bois d’Ombrie EDP Perfume Review

Eau d’Italie Bois d’Ombrie is one of those unusual but totally wearable fragrances. I’ve always thought of Bois d’Ombrie as a “Spaghetti Western” fragrance. This perfume is Italian and it represents the American Wild West much better than Hollywood could ever do.

Bois d’Ombrie opens up heavily with a sweet balsam with hot spices. And something that reminds me of sliced bell peppers and dried basil (hey, I did call it a Spaghetti Western!) It’s resinous and gummy. I do gets a heavy dose of birch tar. This reminds me of worn… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom Botanical Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom

Phoenix Botanicals is a line of botanical perfumes and all-natural skincare located in Brooklyn. I’m going to go ahead and let you know that I love this line and highly recommend that you give it a try. There’s Absinthe Lip Balm, Bonfire Rose Perfume, and healing skincare for the face and body. Everything that I’ve tried, I’ve loved. My first formal review of the line is going to include my favorite (well, as of now), Night Bloom. It’s inspired by moonlight walks by the Pacific. On… Continue reading | 16 Comments