Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee EDP Perfume Review

Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee

From the name to the copy,  Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée brings to mind van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. I’m always surprised when brands commit to such boldness. This is an iconic painting easily recognized that often pops up in our popular culture. It’s been discussed in every Art History 101 class. People have spent years researching and interpreting it. When one chooses such an inspiration, it comes with a lot of expectations. And in the world of perfume, expectations do you no favors.

Nuit Étoilée opens with cool mint leaves and this unusual gummy, rubber… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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Rebel & Mercury Distinguished No. 2 Tuberose & Incense Candle Review

Rebel & Mercury Candle

Rebel & Mercury Distinguished Candles are a line of natural botanical candles. While the world may have numerous options when it comes to all-natural perfumes, I’ve found that we have less when it comes to home fragrance, especially candles. Why? My hypothesis is that it is expensive, very expensive to make a candle that will throw. The wax tends to absorb natural essences and I can guarantee that one has to use probably double the amount of fragrance than what they use in perfume. This means… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Technique Indiscrete by Libertin Louison Santa Subita EDP Perfume Review

Libertin Louisin Santa Subita


Fellow patch-heads, you’ll want to check out Technique Indiscrete Santa Subita. This is a patchouli beast.

Santa Subita opens with rich citrus over sweet woods and moss. There’s a camphoric patchouli mixing with musty orange peel and mint. The opening is slightly grating not because it’s aggravating but because it’s so hardy.The heart of Santa Subita is patchouli and balsamic incense resins. This heart is “raw” reminding me of dried patchouli leaves and jars of resins. It’s musty and ancient in feel. The… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure EDP Perfume Review

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure

If you are looking for an “authentic” smelling incense perfume that focuses more on the raw ingredients of traditional incense more than smelling like something liturgical, check out Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure.

Incense Pure opens as a musty frankincense and myrrh. I also get a sharp piñon. I have little apothecary jars filled with resins: frankincense, myrrh, piñon, and labdanum. And I have little apothecary jars filled with woods and plants: sandalwood, Virginian cedar, patchouli leaves and orris root. When I have all… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Chantecaille Kalimantan EDP Perfume Review

Chantecaille Kalimantan perfume

Kalimantan is such an unexpected addition to the Chantecaille fragrance line. It’s quite a tale of Beauty and the Beast. We have this skanky, dirty amber beast of a fragrance in a middle of a pretty princess luxury beauty line.

Kalimantan opens as this rich amber and delicate spice with barnyard funk (oud). After 10 minutes, I get this green, herbal grassiness that at times reminds me of pot and then when I think of it some more, it’s more like thyme and Mexican oregano. This is all… Continue reading | 5 Comments