Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour Perfume Review

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I mentioned in my review of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose that there aren’t many good “mainstream roses”. Or at least there isn’t much competition in the way of designer/affordable rose perfumes. I guess I had forgotten about Yves Rocher when I wrote that review, because Yves Rocher does make some good roses that retail for way under $100. Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour is a perfect example of a good rose that isn’t niche (and won’t… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Raw Spice Bar Subscription Overview & A Review

Raw Spice Bar

Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription program that sends small spice packs with a regional theme. You also receive recipes that show you how to use your spice blends.

This isn’t really “perfume” related but I think it applies to Perfume People. We tend to appreciate flavors as much as we do scents. Also, food, drinks and spices could easily be considered my “other hobby”. I included this subscription in my 2015 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties and there was an interest, so I thought I’d… Continue reading | 2 Comments


The Scent of Departure BUD Budapest EDT Perfume Review

Scent of Departure Budapest

The Scent of Departure line is a line of “affordable niche” fragrances created by perfumer Gérald Ghislain (Histoires de Parfums) and is inspired by various metro cities.

Budapest opens as an aquatic cedar. I pick up on suede-like spices mixed with a aquatic citrus. I also pick up on red pepper, not dried but ripe. I get ripe, red Hungarian wax pepper. It’s warm. The heart has an astringency with cedar and green notes (very much like the opening but less aquatic). It’s clean and soapy, reminding me… Continue reading


Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver EDT Fragrance Review

Eau d'Itale Sienne l'hiver

I’m one of those people that hates the winter. I’m not just contrary. I have my reasons. Cold weather causes me much pain. And after my trip to NYC this week, I’m ready for the cold to be gone from my life.

Sienne l’Hiver opens with a cold crispness that smells like freshly crushed greens and sliced bell pepper on a tray of crushed ice. I also pick up on cilantro and a hint of an olive bar. There’s more white musk in the top than… Continue reading | 4 Comments


DSH Perfumes Piment et Chocolat EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Piment et Chocolat

How can a fumehead resist trying a spicy-chypre-gourmand? OK, this fumehead can’t resist those three words together. DSH Perfumes Piment et Chocolat is in Les Rouges Collection, a collection of luxury perfumes inspired by the passion, power and heat of red.

This perfume reminds me of Taza Mexicano Discs (one of my many addictions). Piment et Chocolat opens up as spicy. Isn’t that what you expected? It’s dry black pepper and a fruity red chili mixed with your favorite mulling spices over rich, earthy… Continue reading | 7 Comments