Jovan Silky Rose Perfume Review

Jovan Silky Rose Perfume Review

Another week of Roses! Rose Cheapies – 2019

Winter has left me feeling exceptionally “blah” this year so I’m basically trying to do anything that I think will remind that my feelings and this cold season are temporary. As a distraction, I did something I tell all of ya’ll not to do. I blind-bought perfumes. But, let me explain! I bought rose-centric perfumes from a discount site, all of them selling for under $25. That seems like less of a gamble, right? This week I will see if the blind-sniffing odds


Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina EDP Perfume Review

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

As long as I keep reviewing designer perfumes, I’m going to keep reviewing perfumes in pink bottles marketed to women. Some things in life are predictable (thus, comforting) like this.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina has the sort of opening that has been in designer women’s perfumes for the past decade. It’s pink pepper, red berries and polite florals. It’s the usual “pink” fruity-floral except this time, there’s more sugar cubes. It’s radiant and pleasant, although it doesn’t stand out as… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Kelly & Jones #4 Notes of Merlot EDP Perfume Review

Kelly & Jones Merlot

Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection is a collection of perfumes that pair well with wines. These fragrances play up the notes found in the wine that they are named after.

#4 Notes of  Merlot is a fruity floral. It opens as tart and juicy with rhubarb and red currant with a glimmer of citrus. It’s a light and sheer fruity fragrance with a hint of dewy greens. On my skin, most of the wear is that sour rhubarb. It eventually dries down to… Continue reading


Not Soap Radio Walking the Red Carpet Solid Perfume Review

Not Soap Radio Walking the Red Carpet

Not Soap Radio has a cute collection of 9 solid “trans-portable” perfumes called “I’m not here, I’m really…” somewhere awesome. The line is affordable and is FAA approved travel-sized. I’m not here, I’m really Walking the Red Carpet is the glamour girl in the collection.

Walking the Red Carpet opens as a lemony rose with tart, fruity currant sharpness. This gives the illusion of a living rose. There’s a bit of green dewiness with that distinct sour currant. The fragrance… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant EDP Perfume Review

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant EDP review

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant or “Pamplemousse” is described as “a lively, uplifting citrus fragrance“. Grapefruit Red Currant is a tart fruity-citrus fragrance with transparent florals.

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant opens with grapefruit and tangy red currants. It does become floral. I get soft lemon blossom and an anemic jasmine. It’s a “light” floral but sharp. I can barely smell it on me at all. It’s gone within 10 minutes, but you guys have heard that my skin loves to “eat” citrus… Continue reading | 4 Comments