Rebel + Mercury Bouquet Natural Perfume Review

Rebel + Mercury Bouquet


Rebel + Mercury Bouquet is a perfume inspired by flowers, but it reminds me of chestnut honey. It’s a bitter and tannic spicy floral with smoke and leather.

Bouquet opens with lemon varnish and hay. There’s a hint of dried apricots and fresh leaves. The heart introduces some smoke with the florals. Bouquet dries down to a bitter immortelle. Because of the “greenness” in the base, I’m reminded of chestnut honey.

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Rebel & Mercury Distinguished No. 2 Tuberose & Incense Candle Review

Rebel & Mercury Candle

Rebel & Mercury Distinguished Candles are a line of natural botanical candles. While the world may have numerous options when it comes to all-natural perfumes, I’ve found that we have less when it comes to home fragrance, especially candles. Why? My hypothesis is that it is expensive, very expensive to make a candle that will throw. The wax tends to absorb natural essences and I can guarantee that one has to use probably double the amount of fragrance than what they use in perfume. This means… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Rebel + Mercury Royal Couple EDP Natural Perfume Review

Rebel Mercury Royal Couple

In the world of perfume, rose is known as the “Queen” and jasmine is known as the “King”. Rebel + Mercury married the two during a coronation ceremony and now we have the Royal Couple.

Royal Couple opens with a juicy, effervescent grapefruit. Two roses appear…one with a naturally fruity presence and another with a hint of mint. Suddenly I feel a cocktail inspiration – grapefruit, rosewater, gin and mint sprigs. Doesn’t that sound good? The dry-down of Royal Couple is surprisingly funky. It’s animalic… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Northwest Indie Perfumer Circuit at Blackbird – January with Rebel + Mercury

Rebel & Mercury

In January, Seattle-based natural fragrance line, Rebel + Mercury by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis showcased at Blackbird during the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit. Here’s my overview of the event!

A little bit about the line: Rebel + Mercury is a Seattle-based fragrance line by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis. The line includes all-natural personal fine fragrances and soy candles for the home.

Mixed media or natural? – 100% natural

My impressions of the line: The line is all-natural and is one of the few lines that I… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa Natural Parfum Review

Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa

Rebel + Mercury is a Seattle-based natural perfume line. I haven’t worn all of the Rebel + Mercury perfumes on the skin but I can tell you at this time, Cerise en Cocoa is my absolute favorite.

Cerise en Cocoa is a rich fragrance that opens with cherry liquor and a bouquet of roses with a lift of sweet grapefruit. With time, the fragrance becomes even juicier and richer. It’s decadent. The base is a dry, earthy cocoa powder and black tea… Continue reading | 1 Comment