Ramon Monegal Lovely Day EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Lovely Day

Ramon Monegal Lovely Day is sweet with an edge. And that’s how I want my lovely days to be.

Lovely Day opens with a juicy, fruity cassis with a sugar cube iris. The fragrance becomes candied, but in a floral way. It reminds me of rose pastilles and blackcurrant jam. It then turns into a soft floral, like jasmine tea, with a hint of licorice rolled in powdered sugar. It wears as this for most of the wear. There is an addition of a… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Ramon Monegal Cuirelle EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Cuirelle

I can’t help it and it has nothing to do with this perfume, but every time I see or wear Ramon Monegal Cuirelle, I think “Cuirelle de Vil”. Don’t worry there is nothing scary or evil about this fragrance but it does have that certain glamour that Cruella has.

Cuirelle opens with spices and warmth. It’s as soft as cashmere with a cosmetic waxiness that reminds me of rose scented lipstick. Cuirelle morphs into incense and French dusting powder (hint of violet). The texture of this… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Ramon Monegal Umbra EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Umbra

Ramón Monegal Umbra is modern take on vetiver. If you’re a fan of vetiver, you’ll want to try this one.

Umbra opens with bright citrus and spicy, foody black pepper that is almost anesthetizing  I immediately know it’s a vetiver fragrance. The vetiver is carmalized and accented by “bright”, bitter notes. The vetiver gets sweeter with tonka but not too sweet (not as sweet as Hermès Vetiver Tonka). This vetiver still comes across as green. Umbra gets smokier and smokier with wear. The dry-down… Continue reading


Ramon Monegal Cotton Musk EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Cotton Musk

OK, here’s the most upscale “cotton” perfume on the market…

Musk opens as a soft dryer sheet rose with a hint of Jolly Rancher Apple. The scent eventually gets “fluffier” and reminds me of its name, “Cotton Musk”. It’s a clean, warm, musky cotton fragrance with a hint of white florals. It’s a super luxurious version of those cotton musk things that places like Bath & Body Works pipe out. The base is a powdery vanilla white musk that reminds slightly of

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Ramon Monegal Mon Patchouly EDP Perfume Video Review

Do I need to remind you that I’m a patch-head? Well, I am. I love patchouli, so the first perfume I decided to try from the Ramon Monegal line was Mon Patchouly. It was love at first smell.

Ramon Monegal Mon Patchouly

Mon Patchouly opens with raspberry liquor, cocoa powder, and a camphoric patchouli-geranium = boozy patchouli. Under this is an “amber chypre”. Usually perfumes that “pull” in two directions in the opening are awful. This one works perfectly. Complex but not bewildering. With time I… Continue reading | 14 Comments