Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name

Not everyone agrees with me on this, but  the word “bitch” shouldn’t be an insult. Like many women, I’ve chosen to reclaim this word. Kiss My Name is a bitch tuberose. It’s powerful. It’s not an object. It’s not here to be pretty and sexy even if we think she is. This in-control tuberose looks at other tuberoses and says, “Kiss my name”.

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name opens with a peachy tuberose that is metallic and cool. This is a cold, aloof green… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Ramon Monegal L’Eau de Rose EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal L'eau de Rose

Rose Week 2014


Ramon Monegal L’Eau de Rose is a like a refreshing rose-scented cocktail on ice.

L’Eau de Rose opens as this dewy, fresh rose with cucumber slices. It’s sheer, cool and refreshing. It reminds me of rose water splashed into club soda. L’Eau de Rose is rather linear. It wears as this cool, dewy tea rose for most of the wear. It has a sheerness which I don’t think one would expect from reading the note list… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk EDP Perfume Review

 Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk


I have a feeling that Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk is one of those perfumes that I could possibly “get” on a late spring day in the future, but for now these are my impressions:

Cherry Musk opens with a delicate fruity musk and sheer strawberry jam. With time I get cherry flavored lip balm and a delicate rose that is as delicate as rosewater. And then it becomes strawberry Twizzlers with rose. And then it dries down to a rosy fruity musk. Lots… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Ramon Monegal Agar Musk EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Agar Musk

Ramon Monegal Parfums Agar Musk reminds me of leather gloves and fur trimmed coats.

Agar Musk opens with a laundered oud and nutmeg spice. In the background, there is a hint to new leather. Oud is not the focus with this fragrance. Only a “pinch” is used. There’s a bit of warm spices completing the dry woods and subtle leather. The musks are slightly fruity, warm and cuddly. Most of the wear of Agar Musk is dry woods, musk and a “fresh” vetiver.

Agar Musk is… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris

Ramon Monegal Impossible is a nice “feminine” iris with traces of fruit and white florals.

Impossible Iris opens as a slightly fruity iris with a peppery greenness. It’s not too rooty or earthy. It’s not an old-fashioned barbershop iris. Nor is it overly powdery. It’s a well-balanced iris. With time Impossible Iris becomes more floral, more lady-like with night-blooming white florals. Most white florals want to be the lead singer; the white florals in Impossible Iris are back up singers…and I thought that wasn’t possible!… Continue reading | 3 Comments