Ramon Bejar Sanctum EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Sanctum

I’ve tried a lot of perfumes so I don’t mind giving recomendations. I actually love giving perfume recomendations because it makes my weird obsession appear useful. One popular request is “Can you recommend a perfume that smells like church incense?” I always find this entertaining because my interaction with “church incense” is extremely limited. I’ve been to church twice in my life. Granted, both times were at an Eastern Orthodox church and there was incense but I don’t remember too much other than smoke and chanting (I… Continue reading


Ramon Bejar Deep Amber EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Deep Amber

After months of craving sheer floral scents, I found myself this week craving things like amber and musk. I have no idea as to why. The weather has been mild and drizzly, actually reminding me of Seattle winter/spring. I suppose this is what has me craving the sort of scents that I wore while living in the Pacific Northwest.

Ramón Béjar is a Spanish luxury perfume house that I’ve reviewed on EauMG before. The brand’s strength is that they create “simple” scents that… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Ramon Bejar Jasmine Maat EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Jasmine Maat

All that rose talk last week left me feeling like I was neglecting the King of Flowers, jasmine. I’ve been pulling out jasmine perfumes to sample all this week¹. I’ve satisfied my current jasmine craving with this soliflore, Ramón Béjar Jasmine Maat.

Jasmine Maat is a big ‘ole jasmine. It opens with sunshine and hay paired with a realistic, slightly honeyed jasmine. This brand‘s strength is offering fairly “simple” perfumes that emphasize the sophistication of high-quality notes. Jasmine Maat is no… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Ramon Bejar Secret Sandalwood EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Secret Sandalwood


Ramón Béjar is one of those lines that knows how to do simple well. There’s really no need for an intro with “Secret Sandalwood”. I think you can figure out what sort of fragrance this is.

Secret Sandalwood opens with something fruity and creamy that reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum. It’s a fruity ylang with a hint of greenness with humidity. I don’t know what secrets Secret Sandalwood has because it’s no secret that it’s a sandalwood perfume. Within… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk

When I read the name Ramón Béjar “Elvish Musk”, my mind always changes it to “Elvis H. Musk”. Both names are absurd so it doesn’t really matter. Plus, I’m from Tennessee, we’re programmed to think about Elvis more than other people. Anyway, this perfume isn’t absurd. Ramón Béjar is a brand that knows how to do simple without being boring. Elvish Musk is a sparkling osmanthus over a skin-hugging, “Love Me Tender” musk.

Elvish Musk opens as a peachy osmanthus with sparkling citrus. It wears as a… Continue reading | 3 Comments