PSA – Blogging is Hard. Life is Hard.

pug and computer

Today I was going to post a review, but I decided that’s not what I wanted to do. The past week, I’ve encountered a few minor things with the blog that have left me feeling really frustrated. They are minor but like a repetitive sound in the background, it adds up until it eventually drives you slightly mad. What was going to be a review of a new rose perfume is instead going to be a personal post.

I started writing EauMG in 2008, years before many of… Continue reading | 139 Comments

gift guide

EauMG’s 2013 Gift Guide for the Chic Hipster

hipster pug

It’s that time of the year when I make a holiday gift guide for people cooler than me. This one is for the hipster on your list. What are my qualifications for creating such a gift guide? None. But, I did go to the cool pour-over coffee shops and “whiskey and bitter emporiums” (yeah, hipster bars) to people watch, you know, for gift guide research. I was not enjoying a variety of delicious beverages…


EauMG Update – July 2013

get well pugs

I felt the need to do a quick update. I’m usually a blog’n machine but lately my health is getting in the way of that. Anyway, to make a long story short I’m down the pneumonia right now (as well as ear infections in both ears) and all I feel like doing is sleeping. Which is probably what I should be doing. I’ll be taking a break until I start feeling better. I have a few posts that may pop up along the way but I don’t… Continue reading | 27 Comments


Frink’s Favorite Fragrances

Frink the Frug
Frink the Frug with his fumes

Kicking off National Pet Week, Mom asked for me to discuss my favorite ‘fumes, guest posting here on EauMG. I’m a guy of class and sophistication, enjoying the finer things in life. These things may not appeal to your tastes: salmon skin chews, toasted seaweed treats, deep “frinkle” cleaning (the facials I’m given to clean my esteemed wrinkles), The Wendy Williams Show. But trust me, I enjoy the finer things in life. I’m a… Continue reading | 16 Comments