The 2012 List – Best & Worst Perfumes

2012 has been an insanely busy year for me. I’ve made some rather “big”, perhaps even drastic changes in my life and I’ve had a huge shift of priorities. This year has been a contemplative one for me. I’ve always said that half the problem with life is figuring out what you want. 2012 has been the year where I’ve realized what I want. 2013 is the year it happens.

Of course, I haven’t sniffed all of the new launches of 2012. Nobody can since there is like a million launches daily. Out of the perfumes I’ve tried this year between… Continue reading | 24 Comments

new products

NEW: Bond No. 9 New York Oud EDP

Bond No. 9 New York Oud

Bond No. 9 is launching a new oud perfume this February, New York Oud, composed by Laurent Le Guernec. New York Oud is described as an “expectation defying oud”. (wow) This unisex oud is “modernized and urbanized” and won’t have an Old World oud/incense feel. Instead, New York Oud will have a “creamy velvet texture” and a rose heart with a “lingering urban forest” dry-down. Sounds good to me.

New York Oud also contains a 30 percent… Continue reading | 6 Comments

new products

NEW: Joya FvsS: Parfums Composition No. 1 & Composition No. 6

Joya has launched 2 new unisex fragrance oils in hand cast porcelain bottles with perfume wands dipped in 22k gold. Decadent, huh? This collection also features 2 travel size roller-balls and soaps with porcelain trays.

Joya Composition No 1 Parfum

Composition No. 1 (the white bottle) contains the following notes: Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange, fresh quince, heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia, Damask rose, sandalwood, pale musk, and tonka bean.

Joya Composition No 6 Parfum

new products

NEW: Balm Balm Organic Single Note Perfume Collection

Balm Balm Organic

UK brand, Balm Balm, relaunched their 7 varieties of organic single note perfumes. Why the relaunch? Because Balm Balm is now bigger and better. These natural beauties are 3 times larger than before for exactly the same price! The packaging is now kinder to the environment. The boxes are printed with organic ink and the boxes are “carbon neutral” (meaning that they came from recycled sources and are completely recycable).

Scents include: Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Rose Geranium, Spearmint, and Ylang Ylang.

Each organic perfume can be… Continue reading | 1 Comment

new products

NEW: LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing LotionLUSH has launched 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion, a makeup removing liquid lotion. This lotion is contains nourishing almond oil and moisturizing Vitamin A. It is also enriched with Singaporean orchid oil. This gives the cleanser a luxurious tropical floral fragrance. It’s like powdery ylang-ylang and spicy orchids. Like all makeup removing lotions, you apply it to the skin and then “wipe” it off with a damp cotton pad. I’m kind of stoked by this product because it makes me think of Dolly Parton (the name and… Continue reading | 8 Comments