Bruno Fazzolari Jimmy EDT Perfume Review

Bruno Fazzalori Jimmy

Poets inspire perfume and perfume inspired poetry. Bruno Fazzolari Jimmy is a perfume inspired by New York school poet James Schuyler.

Jimmy opens as honeydew melons and roses in a florist’s fridge. Jimmy wears as a fresh, fruity floral. In the perfume world, this may sound repetitious but it isn’t. Jimmy is like a dewy violet and rose. Coquettish but not fickle. The dry-down is green and mossy but not in a classic chypre way. It actually reminds me of living moss – fresh moss… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG’s January 2015 Favorites

Lamma Island
Lamma Island, Hong Kong

The first month of the new year went really well. It was nice to get back into the “regular” routine AKA non-celebratory routine. We successfully survived the first month of 2015!

Most of the month was low-key. I spent a week in Hong Kong and that was totally awesome. It’s an amazing city. I feel fueled with inspiration and energy.

I came back with a flu and can’t remember where the last week went, but whatever. I was entertained by… Continue reading | 3 Comments