Pirouette Perfume Gold Wander Lust Natural EDP Review

Pirouette Wander Lust

Pirouette is a Seattle-based perfume and bath/body line that I’ve been enjoying for years. The line has expanded their perfumes with Gold, a collection. Wander Lust is a perfume inspired by that desire to travel the world.

Wander Lust is a smoky, leather fragrance that is like a desert bonfire. It’s dry, woodsy and hazy. There’s pine tar and lived in cowboy boots. Henna gives the impression of both hay and mud. Wander Lust wears as a rugged mix of leather and antiseptic-ish wood tars with… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Pirouette Perfume Gold Souvenir EDP Review

Pirouette Gold Souvenir

The past few days in Seattle, it’s been gorgeous. We’ve had sunshine, fluffy white clouds gracing bright blue skies. Flowers are in bloom and spring green buds are dusting tree leaves. This perfect weather had me thinking about a perfume launched last year by Seattle-based Pirouette. Souvenir is a perfume inspired by lazy, sunny days and that’s exactly what I get from it – yellow flowers and blue skies.

Souvenir opens with a floral astringency. It’s a fruity lavender and mimosa. If Souvenir were a color, it’d… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Pirouette Perfume Gold Anna Bella EDP Review

Pirouette Gold Anna Bella

Late last year, Pirouette launched a separate collection of perfumes, Gold. The price point of these perfumes are more than that of Pirouette Essentials, but the ingredients in these are much more rare and costly. Being a fan of a few Pirouette Essentials perfumes, I looked forward to trying what Karyn had to offer without any “restraints”.

Anna Bella is a perfume inspired by female empowerment. In this composition, Karyn focused on the ultra-feminine and the powerful.

Anna Bella is a Belle… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Pirouette Moss Garden Natural EDP Perfume Review

Pirouette Moss Garden perfume

Pirouette is a Seattle-based perfume and body care line. If you like naturals, try this line. I’m a huge fan of Rose Musk and Jasmine Musk. Moss Garden is described as being like a “cologne” because it is crisp. (It isn’t the concentration of a cologne).

Moss Garden wears on me as moss, bitter greens and warm citrusy florals. There’s a touch of earth and dry cedar. Most of the wear of Moss Garden is citrus meets forest


Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk EDP Perfume Review

Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk EDP Perfume review

Months ago I was introduced to Pirouette Essentials, a natural perfume line hailing from here in Seattle. I fell in love with Rose Musk, comparing it to Montale and By Kilian. Here’s my review, in case you missed it. My second favorite fragrance in the line is Jasmine Musk. I would easily compare it to much more expensive perfume houses as well.

Pirouette Jasmine Musk opens up as a beautiful, natural jasmine. It’s a very heady… Continue reading | 12 Comments