Destination Inspiration – Perfumes Inspired by Hawaii

Hawaii perfumes

Here I go again featuring a Destination Inspiration of a place that I’ve never visited. I must fix this. It really does look like paradise.

One of the odd things that I’ve noticed about people that have traveled to Hawaii is that they want to tell you what it smells like. When I speak with people that just traveled to Alaska, New York or Paris, they don’t volunteer to tell me what they smelled while they were there. When I talk to people that have just traveled… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Humiecki & Graef Multiple Rouge EDT Perfume Review

Humiecki & Graef Multiple Rouge

Humiecki and Graef seem to take pride with their bizarre-o perfume inspirations. Multiple Rouge is “inspired by ecstatic joy on the cusp of sentimentality“. Whatever. This is futuristic fruit.

Jell-O mold fruit salad and some sweat. Cool, metallic pineapple suspended in raspberry/cranberry Jell-O. It’s more aluminum fruits from a distance and disco booty up close (overripe fruits). Being that it projects most people are just going to smell metal fruits. The dry-down is a fruity musk. FRUITS!

Now from a distance… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Sospiro by Xerjoff Accento EDP Perfume Review

Sospiro Accento

From the makers of Xerjoff,  we have a line of fuzzy purple bottled perfumes called Sospiro. These were originally launched in the Middle East and are now available in other areas of the globe.

Accento is a fruity-floral. It opens with a brightness from “pineapple” but to me it’s more like the peel of a grapefruit. Tart and sweet. It’s a gleaming citrus floral. It has an aquatic-watermelon element too. Something about this aquatic-ness really makes the citrus project. This is one potent fragrance! As it settles… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Dorian + Dahl Yummy Perfume Oil Review

Dorian + Dahl Yummy perfume

Dorian + Dahl is an indie perfume oil line. The fragrances are in a moisturizing oil blend with Vitamin E. But, here’s the great thing. These aren’t repackaged fragrance oils. These are blends. I’m adding this because I know many of us have been burnt by fragrances sold on sites such as etsy.

Yummy is a fruity gourmand. It opens with piña colada with mango. The juicy pineapple and mango are mixed with a creaminess. This would be an awesome little umbrella beverage… Continue reading


Not Soap Radio At the Country Club Solid Perfume Review

Not Soap Radio At The Country Club

Not too long ago my husband asked if I wanted to join a country club. The thought amused me. I didn’t realize that people still joined country clubs! I thought they all brunched and had their mimosas at cute little cafés on the water. I thought that everyone did bikrim yoga now. So, my answer to his question was “no”. I’d rather spend my money on perfume and drink my champagne cocktails at home. And I don’t need a country club, I… Continue reading