Olympic Orchids Arizona EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids Arizona

Olympic Orchids is a Seattle-based perfume house with a rather extensive selection. The “Scents of Place” are a destination collection and we can all figure where Arizona is supposed to transport us.

Arizona opens with fresh pine needles and spicy anise seeds. Dry sagebrush. Black licorice. Arizona dries down to gummy resins. It’s a dry evergreen forest scent and I’m sure if you have a connection to this ecosystem, that you’ll like the familiarity of this fragrance.

Notes listed include ponderosa pine, juniper, sagebrush, chapparal,


Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles EDP Perfume Review

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles

Fille en Aiguilles is the best pine fragrance ever made.

Fille en Aiguilles opens with spiced apple cider, snow on pine trees and a flickering fire. This is an atmosphere; Fille en Aiguilles is a place. It’s a picturesque chalet in the mountains and you’re by the fire looking out the window, watching water droplets roll down fir branches and icicles morph into longer, glistening shapes. You feel the steam of warm apple cider hit your cheeks before you take a sip. The… Continue reading | 18 Comments


Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet EDT Fragrance Review

Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet EDT

Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet was created in 1902 but it reminds me of popular men’s eau de colognes from the 1960’s.

Blenheim Bouquet opens as a very strong lemon that reminds me of Lemon Heads because it has a little bit of sugar. I almost sneeze within the first 10 minutes of wear because it’s all Lemon Heads with spicy black pepper underneath. I get a faint herbal/pine turpentine that makes this different than the average eau de  cologne. It adds a sharpness and mixes well… Continue reading | 2 Comments


DSH Perfumes Three Kings Natural EDP Perfume Review

We Three Kings Perfume Blogging Project: Frankincense

Three Kings is a natural perfume by DSH Perfume’s Parfum des Beaux Arts. This is a limited edition holiday scent that I’ve really fallen for. Described as “nothing modern about this darkly textured and earthy perfume; it speaks to us Ancients“. Give me a moody, dark resinous woods fragrance and I’m bound to be pleased.

DSH’s Three Kings isn’t “Christmas” smelling like the name would apply. It’s a warm, woodsy fragrance… Continue reading | 18 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Karma EDP Review


LUSH has relaunched Karma in their Gorilla Perfume line. Oh, Karma, the spicy, orange patchouli scent. It’s hippie and it’s very LUSH. It’s the fragrance that I always think of when I think of LUSH.

Karma open ups strangely on me. It’s a turpentine mess. It’s both warm and cool, dirty and fresh. From one direction, I have warm natural orange oil and the woodsy warmth of patchouli. From the other direction, I have cooling pine oil, lavender, and that damp, earthy side of… Continue reading | 6 Comments