Mojo Magique Seer Perfume Review

Mojo Magique Seer

Mojo Magique is a Louisiana-based brand¹ with perfumes that really are under-the-radar and shouldn’t be! I’ve tried them all and highly recommend each of them (absinthe rose, yes, please!). And I’m reviewing Seer ² today to remind you that this is a good (and more affordable) niche brand that Perfume People should be trying.

Seer is an aromatic fragrance that reminds me of vintage masculines from the 1960’s and 1970’s. It opens with a cool blast of pine needles and licorice-like… Continue reading


Dusita Issara Perfume Review

Dusita Issara

Dusita Issara is the brand’s take on a classic fougère. The brand describes it as fresh and throws in some imagery of the countryside in summer. So, with this description, I was expecting something along the lines of By Kilian Taste of Heaven or Amouage Sunshine Men. You know, something fresh and aromatic. Instead Issara plays up the sweetness associated with fougères, emphasizing the booziness of coumarin and honeyed sweetness of tobacco.

Issara, even if not described as a tobacco-y fragrance, reminds me very much of cigars. It opens… Continue reading | 2 Comments


MIKMOI Aqua Fortis EDP Perfume Review

MIKMOI Aqua Fortis Review

I’m really focusing on these post-aquatic aquatics this week, aren’t I?

Aqua Fortis is a new perfume from San Francisco-based indie line MIKMOI. It’s inspired by medieval Alchemist waters and Feng Shui – “An East ~ West ode to creativity, science and the mysticism of the elements“. Aqua Fortis is a weird one in that I can’t classify it into just one fragrance genre. It’s woodsy, fruity, citrus, aquatic…it’s so many things.

Aqua Fortis opens up like dark berries, juicy plums dried mandarin peel with turpenous pine… Continue reading


La Curie Number Four Natural Perfume Review

La Curie Perfume Oil

La Curie is an indie line of perfumes. Currently, the line has four perfume oils. I’ve found that they all compliment each other rather nicely. Number 4 is is the smokiest out of the quartet.

Four smells like the smoldering embers of an abandoned campfire. It’s smoke, charred woods and mountain air. Being an oil, it’s a linear scent. And it smells exactly like campfires, pine needles and damp leaves. When it dries down, it has that “day after campfire hair” aroma.

Number Four… Continue reading


Olympic Orchids Carolina EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids

I’ve sniffed so many perfumes, so many, and I’m always surprised by this lack of diversity when it comes to “destination inspirations” but I think American indies are changing this. I’ve been to many parts of this country and each place has a distinct aroma. I have so many scent memories associated with different cities and states. Being a Southerner, I’m always surprised by the general lack of “olfactory representation” that the South has in perfume despite all the… Continue reading | 6 Comments