Aether Arts Strawberry Sling & Iris Laughs Perfume Reviews

I’m reviewing two fruity fragrances from indie brand Aether Arts.

Aether Arts Strawberry Sling


We don’t usually see indie or niche brands tackle strawberry in perfume. The opening of Strawberry Sling is like sipping limoncello in an herb garden. It’s like a sweet, syrupy lemon and mint. It’s also ozonic, like a breeze. Strawberry Sling becomes even more tangy with an addition of juicy strawberries accompanying the tart lemon zest. What I like about Strawberry Sling is that it has greenness from herbs that keep it fresh… Continue reading

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1950’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Pier Angeli

Get the Makeup look of Pier Angeli

I love Pier Angeli. She was so cute. Here’s what I did to get this adorable 1950’s makeup look of icon Pier Angeli:

FACE: We all can’t have Pier’s complexion, but we can try to fake it. With a foundation brush, I applied Lancôme Teinte Idole Foundation in Buff 3. With a concealer brush, I applied e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige, under the eyes. With a powder brush, I… Continue reading | 12 Comments