Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon

Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon is a perfume inspired by linden blossoms drenched in moonlight and the Summer Solstice.

Linden Moon opens with lime zest and linden tea. The heart is a waxy jasmine with faint linden blossoms. It dries down to a grassy vetiver and patchouli.

On my skin, the jasmine is the most prominent; however, this is what puts the “night” in this perfume. It’s a soft linden breeze paired with heady night-blooming jasmine.


Phoenix Botanicals Ka Pueo Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Ka Pueo

When I think of perfumes inspired by Hawaii, I think about stuff that smells like coconut and gardenias. This is what the perfume industry keeps giving us. After reading the notes of Phoenix Botanicals Ka Pueo, I still expected a “tropical white floral”. I was surprised to try it and see that it is a smoky white floral. Yeah, like a “lava white floral”.

Ka Pueo opens with sharp woods and a cool, minty jasmine. On my skin, the creamy florals start to stand out… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Lavender Noir Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Lavender Noir

Lavender fragrances can usually be classified as something shrill/high-pitched/cool, think like traditional eau de colognes or lavandin soaps. Or they can be what I call “low-pitched”/warm and slumbering like Serge Lutens Gris Clair or L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 4. Phoenix Botanicals Lavender Noir is one that fits into the latter. It’s a mellow, calm lavender.

Lavender Noir opens with a mandarin citrus over a musky lavender. Lavender is the main theme of this fragrance. Once the juicy citrus fades, Lavender Noir becomes a smoky lavender… Continue reading


Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion

Valentine’s Day is this week. It seems appropriate to review a botanical fragrance called Love Potion. Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion is a perfume inspired by warmth and herbal teas.

Love Potion opens with spice; a mixture of peppercorns and clove. It’s dry and warm. This heat is over creamy tropical florals and an earthy, dark patchouli. The dry-down is something that really does remind me of a spiced black tea. It’s like chai but without any of the “cool” spices like cardamom. Love Potion is… Continue reading

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Phoenix Botanicals Natural Butter & Balm Reviews

Phoenix Botanicals

Phoenix Botanicals Butters and Balms are all-natural multi-purpose skincare items. The balms are recommended to be used on hands, feet, face and eyes. Winter is killing my skin but these balms have really helped to keep me soft.

All of these butters/balms have a fragrance but the fragrance is faint. I like this especially if I am using these on my face. I also like that these smell pleasant but don’t compete with my perfumes.

Vanilla Butter includes organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and infusion… Continue reading | 2 Comments