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Philosophy Live Joyously

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing (Two) Popular Perfumes

A month ago, I went through and organized perfume samples. I have a lot of stuff that I should review, stuff I may review and stuff I’m never going to review. I thought I’d give two scents that were free with a Sephora purchase a try. I’ve been neglecting my Mainstream Monday feature but that’s mainly because I’m lazy and haven’t been to a department store in a very, very long time. So, here’s my quick impressions of these two… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG’s Guide to the Best Smelling Hair Products

Ann Rutherford

When I talk to people about perfume, I find that many people can create a perfume timeline of their life. Certain perfumes remind them of certain eras of their life. For some people an entire decade can be summed up with one or two “signature” perfumes. I’ve never really been exclusive to one perfume so creating a perfume timeline would be near impossible for me. However, I could do this with hair products. Throughout the years I have been loyal to certain hair products. I could define most… Continue reading | 33 Comments


Find Sis A Scent

Jack is looking for a fragrance gift for his sister. And like all good sisters she shares with Jack her fragrance preferences: clean, floral, maybe a little crisp, but not too fruity. 🙂 And like all good brothers, Jack has no idea what this means. He needs suggestions! His sister is looking for “her scent”. Jack  says she likes something from Victoria’s Secret, “apple”, I’m thinking maybe Pear Glacé?  Here are my clean floral slightly crisp perfume suggestions:

A Guide to Clean Floral Perfumes

1. aroma M Geisha Blanche


Philosophy Amazing Grace EDP Perfume Review

Philosophy Amazing Grace

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I can’t explain it and I sure don’t understand it, but I have this weird obsession with Philosophy Amazing Grace. It isn’t the most sophisticated fragrance on the market and is sure not the most interesting. I find something very comforting about this scent. The only thing I can think of is that it reminds me of someone positive in my childhood, my second grade teacher. She always had a Victoria magazine and apparently must have work Egyptian musk… Continue reading | 3 Comments