EauPEN Thread – Sweet Dreams

Do you wear perfumes to sleep?
Yes, I do. Or I guess, I should say that I wear fragrance at night. I tend to bath/shower in the evening. This is the time I wear perfumes for myself (instead of sampling things for the blog). I do my ritual and enjoy whatever bath/body products are in my current rotation. I may wear something that compliments my bath/body products.I really don’t wear “different” perfumes at night vs. the day; I wear whatever suits my fancy.

*Capucine and cat pic

EauMG’s August 2017 Favorites

Dohany Street Synagogue

August was a busy month. I went to Budapest. We had a great time. However, it was 100º-107° so that wasn’t that great. (Also, a reminder that I’m never traveling in August ever again). While I was there, I saw some lovely architecture, toured synagogues, ate a lot of cold fruit soups, drank the best wines and bought a ton of German pharmacy products. (Shout out to DM for taking all my money). I also got a haircut at a place called “Horror Barbie“… Continue reading | 10 Comments


EauMG’s July 2015 Favorites

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden


July was an uneventful and much welcomed “chill” month for us. After the past few months, we’ve needed some time to recover. We’re also not use to heat and humidity after being spoiled by mild Seattle weather, so we often feel like taking it easy on the weekends (easy meaning hanging indoors with a/c). I hate complaining about the heat when I know that winter is going to be brutal, but we’re not used to extreme weather. We’re wimps.

[caption… Continue reading | 17 Comments


EauMG’s May & June 2015 Favorites

Tribeca NYC
My accidental Edward Hopper-ish shot of Tribeca.

I’ve been really busy traveling, settling in and entertaining family. This means that EauMG was put on the back burner for a while. A lot has happened so I thought you guys would like an update.

In May, I went down to Tennessee to visit family and to drive the dogs up to New Jersey. This week long trip turned into one that was much longer, but I felt like I needed to stick around. I ended up… Continue reading | 14 Comments


EauMG’s April 2015 Favorites

Jersey City
Manhattan via the Jersey City perspective.


All I can really say is that April flew on by. Like what the hell? It’s the middle of May and I still can’t process that April is over. I really hope that summer doesn’t go at this accelerated pace.

April was a crazy month. We started to settle into East Coast life. And the place did start to look like a house over the past month. It’s still not 100% there but we do have a… Continue reading | 10 Comments