MCMC Garden Natural Perfume Oil Review

MCMC Garden Perfume

Oh, summer is ending and really the only thing that I mourn is the produce. Fresh basil, plump tomatoes and berries are the only way I’ll put up with heat. MCMC Garden is a perfume oil inspired by Anada Harvest, a group of urban farmers. Fifty percent of the proceeds of Garden is donated to this group. Garden smells like its name.

Garden opens as an herbal blend of thyme and boxwood bushes. It smells exactly like an herb garden. There’s lemon verbena, lemon… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Blackbird Triton EDP Perfume Review

Blackbird Triton

Triton is the latest perfume release from Seattle-based brand Blackbird. It’s an icy perfume inspired by the landscapes of Neptune’s moon, Triton. It’s a perfume with a heavy dose of bright aldehydes and incense resins. Because of this, I’m more reminded of temple surrounded by snow.

Triton opens with glistening aldehydes that remind me of “carbonated” elemi and myrrh. It becomes a rooty, vegetal iris with violets and a dry cedar. At this stage it reminds me of a hybrid between Serge Lutens La Myrrhe and… Continue reading | 7 Comments


La Curie Number Three Perfume Oil Review

La Curie Three

La Curie is an Arizona-based indie brand that is Inspired by “mythology and sacred ground” that offers EDPs and perfume oils. Number Three perfume oil is described as “The rites of spring in a forbidden garden”. For me, it’s figs and hillside evergreens in late summer.

Number Three is a “clean” fig, like a green fig with cool mountain air. It’s a bitter, green fig with evergreens and a white musk. There’s a sharp citrus that reminds me of grapefruit peel. Number Three wears as crisp, clean… Continue reading


NomaTerra Savannah Magnolia Perfume Review

Nomaterra Savannah

Whoo! There’s a perfume inspired by the state of Georgia! I’ve always wondered why there haven’t been more perfumes inspired by Savannah or at least the coastline of Georgia. A few perfumes have reminded me of Savannah but there aren’t many that claim the city as their scent inspiration. Nomaterra Savannah is one of the few.

Savannah is a raspberry green tea served with fresh grapefruit.The florals mingle with citrus and tangy raspberries. It’s all rounded out by a vanilla milkiness. The dry-down is a… Continue reading


Daniella Parfums 4D Perfume Oil Review

Daniella 4D perfume

Daniella 4D is a new perfume by Parfums by Daniella. After reading the name, Daniella Pavicic, in a press release, it hit me that this Daniella perfume is the perfume of dance musician, Daniella. It’s always a pleasure to see your little “niche interests” collide like this. After her signature perfume was discontinued, Daniella, with her entrepreneur spirit, had a new signature created.

4D opens with chocolate covered almonds and toasted coconut. 4D has a “lift” from a subtle cucumber and a tart cassis… Continue reading | 5 Comments