EauMG in NYC – My Art of Perfume Experience at MAD

Art of Scent 2013

Straight to the 4th floor. An open room awaits me as I step off the elevator. Slightly confused by the vastness, I apparently have a punched look on my face. A lady hands me the “field guide” to the exhibit and says while slowly pointing, “Start there and end here.” Thank you. I had a feeling I’d figure that out on my own but she meant well. The room is fairly empty. I share it with two older Russian speaking women wearing a copious amount of costume jewelry. I feel under-dressed… Continue reading | 14 Comments


A Dozen Roses Perfume Blog Event

A dozen roses

I’m a rose lover. I love this flower’s versatility. It doesn’t surprise me that thousands of years after its cultivation that we are still drawn to this flower and its eternal beauty. I love everything the rose symbolizes. I love its flavor and smell. Yep, I’m a rose lover.

With A Dozen Roses Perfume Blogging Event, I’m sharing my favorite rose products from perfumes to spray lavishly to jams to sweeten tea. I find that as soon as January hits that I’m in a “rose… Continue reading | 18 Comments


EauMG in NYC – Elements January 2013 – Recap & Trends

Elements 2013

While I was in NYC last week, I visited the Elements Showcase, a fragrance and beauty tradeshow held biannually. I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I’m an experiencer which doesn’t make me a great journalist. I get lost in sniffing and conversation and often forget to take pictures. When I did take pictures, they came out merely decent. Talk my husband into buying me a rad camera, OK.

bird perfume Slap a bird on… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Announcing the 2013 Indie FiFi Perfume Nominees


The nominees are in for the 2013 Indie FiFi Awards that will take place at The Elements Showcase this month. There will be 5 finalists and 1 winner.

indie FiFi 2013

In alphabetical order with my inconsequential commentary:

Amber Oud by By Kilian – PERFUMER Calice BeckerI have tried this one and will have a review up of this one of these days. I think I’m the only perfume person on the planet that dislikes it. But, hey, that is why perfume… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Announcing Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit at Blackbird

In 2012, I fell out of love and back in love with the Pacific Northwest. What is keeping me around? Mountains, good food, creative people…and oh, my husband’s job. Seriously, the PNW is filled with creative people. I have my theories. I believe that creativity takes risk. #1 – It’s pioneer land with an adventurer spirit. Read spirit as ADHD which I think has been inherited and we have this group of risk takers. We have this population of risk takers. #2 – You can take a risk when you feel more financially secure. We have a great economy… Continue reading | 5 Comments