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Bath & Body Works Flashback Fragrances – Thoughts & Mini Reviews

From tattoo choker necklaces to denim overalls to mini backpacks, we can easily see that there is a wave of 90’s nostalgia in effect right now. Even Bath & Body Works is having a moment of 90’s nostalgia and has relaunched six “Flashback Fragrances”.

Bath & Body Works

What’s funny is that I was never into Bath & Body Works fragrances back in the day because they were so “mall” and I was so anti-mall in my youth. I was more about wearing perfume oils or trying to get my… Continue reading | 15 Comments


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT Perfume Review

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Of course, Marc Jacobs would take advantage of the massive success of Daisy and make as many flankers as they can. This is the designer way!

Daisy Dream opens with pear. Lots of pear with blackberries. Unfortunately, living through the 90’s, this pear reminds me too much of cheap body sprays. And then the Daisy-ness of it all kicks in. It’s a non-descript fruity-floral. And honestly, from my memory, I can’t tell the difference between this… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Jacomo It’s Me For Him & For Her EDP Perfume Review

Jacomo has some really good fragrances. The new version of Silences is one of my favorites. But, apparently they needed to launch some more stuff so that young people will keep them in business. So, they launched two His/Her fragrances that I think are in a smartphone packaging? Or at least are suggestive of some sort of modern-day device. Reading the copy, these both sounded “young” so I knew they weren’t for my demographic. But, I tried them anyway because they retail for under $50.


A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love EDP Perfume Review

A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love EDP


A Dozen Roses is a perfume line with each perfume featuring “100% rose absolute essence” that are exclusive the department store Neiman Marcus.

Shakespeare in Love opens as shampoo. It’s a squeaky clean white floral with pear. The pear’s juiciness is prominent in the opening; however, it’s in competition with nondescript white florals. It smells like a handful of opalescent drugstore shampoo but then transitions to a warm musk and a sharp, clean rose without shaking those squeaky clean… Continue reading | 4 Comments