Malle Dries Van Noten EDP Perfume Review

Malle Dries van Noten

If you come home to your little condo after a day of shopping and sniffing and you sit next to your significant other on the sofa and you chat for a minute and then s/he suddenly gets up and checks the garbage disposal and starts running it and then sits back down and then looks at you funny and says, “I thought that smell was something rotten in the garbage disposal but it’s you!” then maybe you should reconsider your perfume choices.

And let’s say… Continue reading | 31 Comments


Eau d’Economics – When is a Perfume Expensive?

Paulette Goddard


There’s one thing I know about us fumeheads, every single one of us has defined what is too much for a perfume.  We know when something becomes expensive…and then we deny it 🙂

With myself, I’ve noticed that my “expensive spectrum” changes. It changes with the standard of living. I remember back in the day, around 2005, I thought that $100 was really expensive for perfume.  Anything more than that was insane and I wouldn’t even sample it. I was a student… Continue reading | 49 Comments